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Our Story

Dana Rae Jewelry is a family owned business located in Aurora, Colorado. We started out as a company called Crafts'N'Scraps in 1999 and we went online in 2001. In addition to creating our own unique designs, we have expanded to offering awareness jewelry, imported and vintage jewelry, supplies and more to help others complete their craft projects. In July 2013, we changed our name to Dana Rae Jewelry to better reflect our products and we've been going strong for 16 years.  Thank you for supporting small businesses.  We could not have done it without you!  Contact us if you would like to chat!

About Me, Dana Rae Bates:

I am addicted to jewelry!  I love and collect jewelry from all eras especially antique and Victorian pieces.  I caught the jewelry bug early and have been designing and selling handmade jewelry since 1987 under my name Dana Rae. 

Crafting is in my blood and I come from a family with some very talented artists.  I developed a love for ceramics in college. I believe anything can be made into something wonderful with a bit of imagination. I make crafts from scraps of clay, fabric, beads, wood, paper etc. (hence our original name of Crafts'N'Scraps).  I make scrapbooks, paint Dungeons and Dragons figurines, do cross stitch, needlepoint, draw, paint, quilt, sew a little, do machine embroidery, and of course work with polymer clay and beads. My designs are influenced by my lifelong love of crafting. Some of my designs are quirky, but then again so am I. You know your a craft addict when you come up with designs in your sleep! I really love making them and I hope you will love them too! 

Years ago, I decided to create fertility and awareness jewelry to help uplift and support the spirits of others.  We now donate to 16 charities and it has been such a pleasure to be able to do such meaningful work.  There is love and good wishes in everything I make and sell.

I hope you will find the time to stop by and visit us again and again. We will be working very hard to make this a valuable resource for all!  

About Danny:

After serving in the armed forces for 20 years, Mr. Jewelry is finally home for good! We are blessed to have him with us again.